Pyramid Head (ピラミッドヘッド), also known as the Red Pyramid Thing, is the name James Sunderland uses in reference to a monster who is arguably the main antagonist of Silent Hill 2. In Silent Hill: Homecoming, a monster known as the Bogeyman is implied to be Pyramid Head from Silent Hill 2, which furthers the theory that Pyramid Head is more than just a mere monster, being that he has multiple incarnations and is frequently associated with feelings of extreme guilt. He is in both of the Silent Hill films, and appears in other various Silent Hill media. Pyramid Head is one of the most well-known and iconic monsters in the series.
He is usually portrayed as, at his most basic, a violent monster. A deeper meaning given to him, however, explains his existence as that of punisher or executioner. He’s typically attracted to those who feel an extreme amount of guilt or have an overwhelming desire for punishment. His acts of violence are not aimed solely at humans, as he has also brought harm to the other creatures that inhabit Silent Hill.